by Mary Louise Butters

Free chocolate butter with first bread order!!

 The Bread of Life

 This will sustain you. Come inside my shop and feed your soul

Ancient. Bright. Intense.

These Preserved Lemons will catch your imagination and wake you up to the secrets of adding dimension to your pantry.

If food heals, this loaf of bread is like being reborn! Hand kneaded artisan whole wheat , nut bread to your door.

It's a miracle.

The intoxicating and inviting aroma of fresh baked bread is wafting from my kitchen.

Right out of the oven with warm butter and dripping in honey, this bread nourishes your spirit.

All that you need to keep warm and toasty is right inside my shop.

One of a kind, hand made aprons inside.

Cookie of the Month Club!!

I will take care of those gifts for you;) ...and your list of family friends and clients.

Imagine.  Fresh baked works of art  showing up on your  doorstep each month.

Join the cookie of the month club and be delighted with ready made treats for guests, co-workers,  and your own celebratory moments.

Go to the COM page and see details on how to receive a monthly cookie fix for yourself or a friend...indeed!