by Mary Louise Butters

 I am a true born cook.  Back before "foodie" became a word, back before "nose to tail" came off the farm, back before "farm to table" was coined ... I was living on a farm. In the rich soil of the Rio Grande Valley  my family grew just about everything we put on the table.
The sourdough starter, that I still use today, was the one my mother started back in 1974 and would bake our bread every week.
We had a large acreage of citrus groves that produced the sweetest navels, grapefruit, valencia, tangelos, limes and lemons.  You will find me using citrus as often as I can get my hands them.
Today that family farm has moved north to the beautiful hill country of Texas. There , a new ranch life at my fingertips,  I am  devouring all the riches from this land to share with you.